Photo editor, visual artist, and web designer Kristina Stevens is unique to her profession. She is a classically trained artist. Stevens spent four years at the Academic Figure Institute studying the techniques of the Old Master's. She was commissioned by art manufacturer General Pencil, Inc. to do reinterpretations of old Renaissance drawings for their product kits (Click here for a complete art bio).

Stevens has attended forty-seven classes in topics ranging from light physics to form and composition, perspective, color theory, and human anatomy. As a result, Stevens has developed a high degree of visual acuity. She can detect and correct color casts and improper exposure. Stevens understands how color operates and can reestablish the hierarchy of chroma in a reproduction. She knows how light and shadow interact and can recreate shadow detail, halftones, and highlights for proper volume and three-dimensionality. Stevens can manipulate form and cast shadow edges to accurately reproduce the source lighting.

Stevens has a high degree of technical training. She was tutored in Photoshop by consultants at Stanford University. Stevens has been a regular Photoshop user for 12 years. She has made and sold giclees (high-end digital reproductions of her artwork). Stevens knows how to to faithfully reproduce the character and color of artifacts and how to prepare files for pre-production for the press. Stevens took a digital workflow course through Calypso Imaging and she will be studying digital imaging under renowned photographer Charles Cramer in November.

Stevens is currently working as an Image Optimization Specialist at the Institute for the Study of Western Civilization. Stevens is responsible for the scanning, optimization and archival of 15,000 35mm slides and 2,200 raw photographs. She works to insure accurate reproductions of fine artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Edgar Degas, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Stevens manages the digital libraries' file naming, conversion, inventory, storage, monitor calibration, color management, and the desktop to projector conversion.

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Sienna chalk painting on handmade paper,
(10 x 12").

Kristina Stevens' reinterpretation of an old Master drawing by Lancret.